Hurricane Preparedness

Your safety and protection before, during, and after a severe storm or hurricane is our priority

In the event of a hurricane, AUC will function as a shelter for students, staff and faculty. The buildings at AUC have been specifically designed with hurricane safety in mind. We strongly urge any students living in water front locations, or areas prone to flooding, to come and stay on campus if a hurricane is approaching.

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1st. It is important to realize that in the event of a hurricane, you may not have a lot of time to prepare. AUC's Hurricane Preparedness Brochure provides students with useful hurricane emergency preparation information and slides from our annual Hurricane Preparedness presentation include activities and weather-related monitoring resources in the event of a storm. 

Importantly, AUC utilizes SIREN messages to alert our campus community about severe weather and campus operations. Alerts are sent via text message, email, and phone. Make sure your information is up to date by completing our student address update form.

Hurricane Preparedness and Tracking Resources: