Health Insurance for Clinical Students

Learn more about the Aetna plan

All students in the clinical science program are required to have, and maintain an active medical insurance policy. AUC provides all clinical students the opportunity to enroll in a health plan administered by Aetna Student Health. For information on the plan and for benefit information please visit and search “Adtalem Global Health (Ross/MERP/AUC)” to locate AUC.

Students who have their own coverage, are rotating in the UK for 6 months or more and have a UK Visa, or on approved leave of absence are not required to have the AUC school sponsored insurance coverage. Students who meet this criteria may opt out of the Aetna Student Health plan by completely filling out an electronic insurance waiver or an Academic Leave of Absence Form.  Please read the Waiver section for more information.

The Insurance coverage year is from August 25th of the current year to August 25th of the following year.  The coverage year is broken into three trimesters for the purpose of billing and to allow new incoming students the opportunity to enroll or waive health insurance. 

Insurance is automatically billed to all students at the start of each semester.

The billing periods are as follows:

  • Billed in August - Coverage for August 25th through December 25th
  • Billed in December - Coverage for December 26th through April 23th
  • Billed in April - Coverage for April 24th through August 24th

The insurance rate is $747 per semester for the 2017-2018 plan year.  Insurance rates include an administration fee.

Waiving Coverage

Students who waive the school sponsored coverage are responsible for payments of their own premiums, deductibles, and medical expenses.

Students returning from a Leave of Absence are automatically re-enrolled into the school sponsored health insurance plan.  Continuing students (which includes students returning from leave), may waive coverage only once per year during the initial enrollment period which is from August 25th to October 1st. 

Students who meet the waiver criteria may waive the AUC University provided insurance during the open waiver period only as stated above. Students must fill out an electronic waiver form with supporting documentation.  The Aetna and U.K. Waiver forms can be found at under Forms & Resources.  Once a waiver is applied to a student’s account, the waiver remains in effect until the following August or until a student requests to be reinstated in the University sponsored insurance plan. There is no need to file additional waivers for the academic year, unless the student changes insurance plans. Waivers will be accepted prior to the start of the annual coverage period (August 24th) up until the waiver deadline (October 1st ).  Waivers received after the deadline cannot be accepted.  Incomplete or late waivers received by the Office of Student Finance will not be processed and students will be billed insurance for the remainder of the academic year.  (The academic year is from August to August).

New clinical students who are beginning rotations for the first time during the academic year, (Spring or Summer semesters), will be able to waive insurance only 30 days after becoming enrolled.


If you are a new enrollment in January, you have until Feb 1st to request a waiver of the insurance.

If you are a new enrollment in May, you have until June 1st to request a waiver of the insurance.

Important: If you were enrolled in August and did not waive your insurance by the October 1st deadline, your insurance can no longer be waived for the entire academic year.  Your next opportunity to waive insurance will be for the next Fall Term semester enrollment period.

Reinstatement of Coverage

Students who have previously waived the University-sponsored insurance may re-enroll at any time in the Aetna Student Health plan by filling out the Reinstatement Form, located here. Requests must be submitted in a timely manner to avoid any gaps or lapses in insurance coverage.