UK Health Insurance Waiver


Student Information

I will not be joining the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) sponsored Health Insurance Plan



I understand this waiver request is for the current term only. A new waiver request is required at the start of each term I wish to waive insurance or I will automatically be re-enrolled in the health insurance plan offered through AUC and responsible for payment.

We will reply to this request within the next 48-72 hours. If there are claims for the current coverage period, you will be held responsible to make payment for the current charge(s) and this waiver requested will be denied. If you do not have claims for the current coverage period, your health insurance coverage will be removed from your student account as per your request. Aetna may take up to 3 weeks to terminate your coverage from the date of our reply to your submission. Coverage periods and charges are not pro-rated. Coverage will end as of the last day of the previous coverage period. If at a later date, Aetna informs the University that a claim has been processed for the current coverage period, the charge will be re-posted to your account and you will be notified as you are responsible to make payment.

For questions regarding claims and coverage, contact Aetna at (877) 381-3551 or .

Please contact our office with any questions at