AUC Up Close

Davis, CA

December 5, 2017

AUC Up Close events are small group sessions where prospective students get together with AUC admissions colleagues to hear personalized feedback about applying to AUC, engage in open discussion about our MD program, and discuss anything under the sun related to medical school. These events are held at restaurants or hotels in your area. We'll save a seat at the table for you—bring your questions (and your appetite!) and come get to know us in an informal setting.

Dr-Varughese-Davis-Up-Close.jpgAlumni Guest:
Biju Varughese, MD (AUC Class of 2000), a family medicine physician in Sacramento associated with Mercy General Hospital. Dr. Varughese has been in practice for more than a decade.

Time & Venue:
Village Pizza & Grill, 403 G St., Davis @ 7 PM PT

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