The Osans

For the Love of Medicine

Drs. Chris and Alyssa Osan share the news of their successful couples match at AUC’s Match Madness event, held in March 2014 at St. John Providence Hospital in Michigan.

When Alyssa Pagliere and Christopher Osan enrolled at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC), they had no idea of the shared journey they’d soon find themselves on together. For these 2014 AUC graduates, now married and in residency together, every AUC memory is tied to a personal one—like when they had their first date at Sarafina’s, a French bakery in St. Maarten, to celebrate the end of block exams. Or when they participated together in AUC’s Community Action Day.

“Those were unique experiences—ones that will stay with us for the rest of our lives,” says Alyssa, originally from Elk Grove, California. “And they wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t choose to attend AUC.”

A Shared Journey of Medical School Success

Together, the Osans have navigated through medical sciences, clinical rotations, and the all-important National Resident Matching® Program (NRMP).
“I left a lucrative job as a pharmaceutical sales representative for the opportunity to pursue a career that required years of training,” said Chris. “Medicine is a field that constantly evolves. It provides seemingly endless possibilities, and I’m grateful to have Alyssa by my side as we explore them together.”

Entering the NRMP Couples Residency Match Together

In 2014, the Osans entered the NRMP, one of over 900 couples to do so, with the hopes of landing in the same specialty, program type, or location. With no backup plan in place, they attended AUC’s Match Madness celebration event at Providence Hospital in Michigan. There, they received the life changing news – they both matched into the family medicine residency program at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso.
Both Osans believe matching together was the best thing that ever happened to either of them. “We spent a lot of time discussing different scenarios, and being apart was just not in the cards,” said Chris. “Knowing that we would be together to support each other throughout the difficulties of residency was priceless,” chimed in Alyssa.
As family medicine physicians, the Osans find their work to be fulfilling and value the opportunity to share in each other’s successes while providing support through challenges. ‘Helping people on a daily basis is incredibly rewarding,” said Alyssa. “But some days are more difficult than others. Being able to lean on each other keeps us going and allows us to be the best we can be for our patients.”