Drs. Misty Good and Zac Young

Graduates Declare AUC Lived Up to its Reputation of Quality

Dr. Misty Good (’05) and Dr. Zac Young (’05) met while attending medical school in St. Maarten. And like many medical students, both attended AUC with hopes and dreams of becoming successful physicians one day – but they ended up with more. 
A few years later, both students left the island as a couple to complete their clinical rotations. Dr. Good and Dr. Young are now married, successful doctors in living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
“AUC provided us both a path to reach our goal of becoming physicians. It has a great reputation for training quality, successful and well-educated physicians. AUC gave us the opportunity to realize our goals and surpass them. We both feel that without AUC we would never have had the opportunity to be this successful.”
The couple had an excellent experience with their clinical rotations, which provided a solid foundation for their careers. 
“Our clinical rotations were excellent. We rotated in Brooklyn, NY during our third year with many other students from AUC and other medical schools. It was a great clinical experience and prepared us well for residency. During our fourth year, there was an important level of autonomy in setting up your own rotations so you could do them wherever you were interested in obtaining a residency.” 
Soon after, Dr. Good and Dr. Young matched at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria. Dr. Good matched in Pediatrics and Dr. Young in Internal Medicine. They confirm each respective program offered excellent training and has amazing faculty. Being extremely prepared for residency, they both received intern of the year awards.
Both doctors went on to further specialize after their residency and were extremely happy with that decision. 
Dr. Young specialized in Pulmonary/Critical Care at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh and made partner several years early in his thriving private practice. Dr. Good specialized in Neonatology at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh/University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and is currently a physician-scientist performing NIH-funded research on a gastrointestinal disease of premature babies, known as Necrotizing Enterocolitis. 
Most recently, Dr. Good received national recognition as a recipient of the David G. Nathan Award in Basic Science Research at the Pediatric Academic Societies. She then received an invitation to present her work in Japan at the Japanese Pediatric Society, which she described as an absolute honor. 
So what would this successful power couple say to aspiring doctors considering AUC?
“Go to AUC, you won’t regret it.”   
“AUC is a great medical school in an awesome location that prepares you academically and clinically to succeed on all future endeavors. You can be successful by putting your mind to anything.”