Aman Mundi, MD, FACC

Alum, cardiologist shares perspective about AUC

Aman Mundi, MD, is a cardiologist with MyHealth Centre in Toronto, Ontario, having previously worked as a staff cardiologist at KMH Cardiology and Diagnostic Center in the Toronto suburbs. After graduating from American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) in 2006, the trilingual, former varsity baseball player completed his residency in internal medicine at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, La., where he also served as chief resident. He subsequently completed a fellowship in cardiovascular diseases also at Louisiana State University.
AUC: What led you to choose the field of cardiology?
Mundi: It is very dynamic. There are constantly new trials and research being done to understand more about the field and it is a fascinating sub-specialty that is constantly changing.  I enjoy the challenge of uncovering the underlying problem and coming up with a plan of care that most quickly and effectively serves my patients.  I get great joy in seeing a patient recover from severe valve disease or a massive myocardial infarction, and they in turn are quite grateful to get their quality of life back.
AUC: How well did AUC prepare you for your career?
Mundi: I feel that AUC prepared me very well for my path to becoming a cardiologist.  The facilities offered, the interaction with professors and classmates, and the overall learning environment provided an excellent foundation for my medical knowledge. Since I graduated in 2006, the school has grown and added technologically-advanced equipment and auditoriums to enhance the learning experience. I think this speaks to AUC's commitment to providing a ‘top-notch’ medical school experience.  Of course, AUC's many accredited clinical sites in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. were also paramount in my continued development and this definitely helped towards my decision to attend AUC.  The fact that there were so many options available to me when I was deciding where I wanted to complete my clinical rotations was quite intriguing.  I had great hands-on experience during my rotations and through AUC I have met some of my closest friends.
AUC: What is your advice to prospective students?
Mundi: AUC is designed to prepare any prospective student for what will be needed in residency and in future practice.  Of course a lot of hard work will be required, but AUC’s MD program is designed to provide all the tools necessary to be successful in your medical career, both professionally and clinically.  I encourage anyone interested in pursuing medicine to strongly consider AUC as the place to start their path.