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UPDATE! New Pilot Program

AUC is currently accepting UKCAT scores in lieu of the MCAT. This opportunity is part of a new pilot program with limited seats in our May 2017 term. Once those seats are filled, UK applicants will need to meet our standard requirements

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American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) welcomes applications from citizens and permanent residents of the United Kingdom. With a rigorius academic program and strong UK clinical network, we are an ideal choice for candidates seeking a quality medical education with a global perspective.

The process for applying to AUC is functionally similar to how you’d apply to a UK medical school. Throughout this section, you'll find detailed information about our medical school and our admissions requirements. To jump to a relevant section or issue, please use the navigation buttons on the left. But first, a few reasons why UK students should consider AUC:

  • Rotations in the United Kingdom. After you complete two years of the medical sciences curriculum on AUC’s Caribbean campus on the scenic island of St. Maarten, you have the option of going right back home to the UK for your clinical rotations—choose from eight of our affiliated UK hospital sites. 
  • An opportunity to see a different type of healthcare system. If you choose to complete your clinical rotations in the United States instead of back in the UK, you can see an entirely different healthcare system in action. Given that the practice of medicine is becoming increasingly globalized, this experiential learning could help you add a valuable, broader perspective of how varying healthcare systems operate.
  • A true sense of the global healthcare experience. AUC students have ample opportunity to get hands-on experience in service learning and outreach through events like Community Action Day, where students engage with locals about ways to improve their lives and health.
  • Three start datesstart medical school when it's right for you. AUC enrolls students in January, May, and September, allowing flexibility for when you decide to apply to medical school. Each start date carries unique benefits. To learn more, please visit this page.

Contact Our Admissions Team

Please contact our international admissions team for more information about our medical school:

jennifer-web-315x315.jpgJennifer Stovall
Associate Director of Admissions, International Applicants
+1 734-476-0695

alex-web-315x315.jpgAlex Stollenwerck
Graduate Admissions Advisor, International Applicants
+1 305-569-8855