Take Action: How Parents Can Help

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Does AUC sound like a great fit for your son or daughter? Take action! If you'd like to explore AUC even more or help guide your son or daughter through the process of potentially applying to AUC, there are several things you can do right now:


Download an admissions viewbook

The majority of the questions you might have can likely be answered here on this website, but if you’d like to flip through our admissions viewbook and learn more, it’s easy to do (plus, it allows you to check out even more photography of the island, campus, and clinical environments that make up AUC's program). Just fill out a simple form and we’ll send you one.

auc-parents-guide-attend-an-open-house-event.jpgSign Up for an admissions event near you

We host a variety of enrollment events. AUC Connect Events are career fair-style events that offer a broad look at everything AUC has to offer. AUC Up Close events are more personalized and geared toward fostering open discussion. Learn more and find an event near you.

auc-parents-guide-speak-with-admissions-web.jpgContact an admissions advisor

We have a cadre of admissions advisors located around the US and Canada whose sole responsibility is to work closely with you and your son or daughter to explore your medical school options. Contact the admissions advisor in your region.

auc-parents-guide-apply-for-financial-aid.jpgStart the financial aid process now 

Regardless of where your son or daughter wants to attend medical school, it’s good to get the paperwork started. Fill out a FAFSA form to allow our Office of Financial Aid to assess your son or daughter’s options for financial aid. Find the form here.

auc-parents-guide-apply-for-a-scholarship.JPGCheck out our scholarships

AUC has a varied selection of scholarship offerings that reward incoming students’ academic achievement, life experiences, and community service. Chances are that your son or daughter meets the qualifications for one or more. View scholarship offerings.


auc-parents-guide-is-auc-right-for-you-assess-candidate.jpgAssess your son or daughter’s chances of admission

AUC's online admissions assessment tool, which only takes about a minute, can give you quick feedback on where your son or daughter stands in comparison to students typically admitted to our school. Try out the assessment. 

Note: Your son or daughter will need his/her MCAT and GPA handy before using the candidate assessment tool.