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Helping Aspiring Medical Students

The AUC Admissions team works with pre-med advisors at universities and colleges to help aspiring medical students explore and take advantage of the opportunity to attend medical school. Admissions advisors are stationed throughout the United States and Canada. They deliver presentations in many cities each year, visit college campuses to meet with advisors and pre-health clubs, and help guide individual students through the process of applying to medical school and enrolling.

We encourage you to reach out to your local admissions officer with questions at any time, to schedule a meeting or campus visit, or to just learn about AUC’s MD program, admissions requirements, and more.

Interested in a campus tour? To discuss a visit, email Gustavo Galue, Admissions Manager, at


Instant Assessment Tool for Medical School Candidates

If one of the students you advise is curious about his or her chances of being accepted to AUC, encourage them to try our online candidate assessment tool. It’s easy to use and only takes a few minutes, and it can give students a sense of how well they’ll fit into our school’s culture. 

Information for Pre-Med Advisors: Getting to Know AUC

Q: What is AUC’s culture like?

A: At AUC, aspiring physicians study medicine in an inclusive, collaborative environment designed to graduate the team-oriented physicians needed in today’s healthcare system. Here, students collaborate instead of compete, and work together to boost everyone’s chances of success. Our team of supportive faculty is there every step of the way.

Q: Who attends medical school at AUC?

A: From career changers to just-out-of-undergrad prospective medical school students, expect to meet people with varying lifestyles and backgrounds on the AUC campus. The majority of AUC students hail from across the United States.

Information for Pre-Med Advisors: Admissions Questions

Q: What is the # of acceptance cycles per year?

A: AUC enrolls students three times a year, in January, May, and September. Learn more about our rolling admissions policy here.

Q: What are the clinical opportunities – when do they start and where are they located?

A: AUC students who complete the medical sciences curriculum on the St. Maarten campus will matriculate into the Clinical Sciences curriculum of the medical degree program—this occurs during the third and fourth years of a student’s medical education. Clinical training is 72 weeks long, and clerkships can be scheduled at one hospital or many hospitals across the United States and United Kingdom. Dive into our basic sciences curriculum here.

Q: How does financial aid work for US students?

A: AUC is approved for participation in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Direct Loans). Students who wish to participate are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Qualified citizens and eligible non-citizens of the United States may be eligible to receive medical school financial aid from the Direct Loan programs up to the cost of attendance (tuition, books and supplies, accommodation and travel). Learn more about our financial aid opportunities here.

Q: Does AUC offer scholarships?

A: Yes, AUC offers a variety of merit-based scholarships that reward academic achievement, recognize community volunteerism and outreach, and more. Review our roster of scholarships here.

Q: What support services are provided during the basic sciences portion of the program?

A: AUC offers academic skills counseling services to assist students of our Caribbean medical school in developing study skills and strategies to support their success in medical school. An academic skills counselor provides answers to student questions, individual academic assessment and counseling to help students develop an effective study plan/strategy. Counselors coach students on improving study skills, exam preparation, knowledge acquisition best practices, and more. Discover more here.

Q: Are support services available for AUC’s clinical students?

A: The American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine's Office of Clinical Student Affairs (OCSA) provides extensive orientation and advising for foreign medical school students, especially as they prepare to leave the Medical Sciences campus on St. Maarten and progress into the clinical stage of their AUC medical education. Counselors can help students schedule their core and elective rotations, support them as they prepare for licensure exams, and more. Learn about support services for clinical students here.

Information for Pre-Med Advisors: Getting a Residency as an AUC Graduate

Q: If I go to AUC, can I practice in the United States and earn a competitive US residency?

A: Each year, AUC graduates attain residency appointments in highly regarded medical institutions and in a variety of specialties throughout the United States. Residency program directors look closely at performance on licensing exams and clinical training when considering applicants to their programs. The AUC medical sciences program in St. Maarten and the clinical program taught in our affiliated hospitals in the United States and United Kingdom are designed to help students score higher on licensing exams and develop clinical skills. Check out our residency results here.

Q: Where do AUC students earn residencies? And in what types of specialties?

A: Our students earn residencies in a very wide variety of specialties and locations throughout the United States. This includes primary care disciplines, such as pediatrics, internal medicine, and family medicine, and other specializations, such as ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, and emergency medicine.

Q: How does AUC support its graduates as they prepare for residency?

A: AUC’s Office of Student and Professional Development (OSPD) assists students by advising on the application process and providing necessary documents to Match-related organizations, such as the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). The department offers specialized resources to help students learn about requirements for different specialties and residency programs. OSPD also assists graduates with physician state licensure, hospital staff privileges and any official documentation required from the university. Read more about the OSPD here.

Information for Pre-Med Advisors: Life at AUC

Q: What are the housing options and costs?

A: On-campus and off-campus housing options are available. Go here for options, pricing, and more.

Q: Is a car required/recommended? Or is there other transportation options?

A: Most students would agree that a car is the best mode of transportation. Cars can be bought from students leaving the island, new/used car dealers, and from ads in the local newspaper. The typical price range for a used car is $800-$4,000 depending on the condition. Owning a car in St. Maarten requires insurance with a local company. Leasing options are also available.

Q: How is island safety?

A: Our active Safety and Security Department works in partnership with the campus community to reduce opportunities for incidents on campus. The department provides outreach and education on crimes affecting campus community members. Read more about safety and security at AUC here.

Q: If a family is making the move, are there any groups geared toward spousal support? Is schooling available for children?

A: AUC has an active Spouses Organization designed to help students, and their loved ones, transition to the island as seamlessly as possible. School options are available for children from grade levels 1 through 12.

Q: Where can students do their grocery shopping?

A: There are a number of places to do your grocery shopping – Le Grand Marche (Phillipsburg), Cost-U-Less (Phillipsburg), Rams and Food Express (Maho). Students receive a 5% discount at Le Grand Marche.

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