Tuition and Fees

Academic Year 2017-18

  Medical Sciences* Semesters 1-5/per semester* Clinical Sciences Semesters 6-9/per semester** Clinical Sciences Semesters 9.5/per semester**
Tuition per semester
Medical Sciences Flat Rate: 10-21 credits
$21,695 $24,272 $12,136
Student Government Association Fee $35 $0 $0
Health Insurance Fee per semester
Price includes an administration charge
$359 $747 $747
Dorm Charge
if applicable
Single $5,400  
Double $4,600  
Malpractice Insurance: 6th-9.5th semester $0 $304 $304
Educational Resource Fee $250 $256 $256

Effective September 2017. Subject to change without notice.
Please see the Student Handbook for tuition and refund policies. Students must pay for all courses taken.

*If applicable, students enrolled for 8-9 credits pay a tuition rate of 50% of the medical sciences tuition rate; students taking less than 8 credits will pay a rate of 25% of the medical science tuition rate.
**The rates represented above represents a full-time, 16 week/credit schedule each semester with a final semester of 8 weeks/credits. Tuition will be prorated per clinical at a rate of $1,517 per credit/week, Malpractice Insurance at $19 per credit/week, Educational Resource Fee at $16 per credit/week. Health Insurance is billed on a periodic basis in September, January and May regardless of schedule and is not subject to proration.   


Application Fee: $100 (non-refundable)

Enrollment Reservation Fee

A one-time enrollment reservation fee in the amount of $1,000 is payable to AUC by the date specified in the acceptance letter to secure a place in class. At registration, $1,000 of the enrollment reservation fee will be applied to the cost of tuition for students who matriculate to AUC.

Housing Security Deposit

A security deposit of $1,650 is payable to reserve housing.

Residency Permit Fee

The laws of St. Maarten require residence permits for all students.  The annual cost is $280 (500 guilders).  For U.S. and Canadian residents, this will be billed along with your tuition and due at orientation. For international students (visa required) payment is required with the Enrollment Registration Fee payment a minimum of 60 days prior to arrival in St. Maarten. 

Credit Card Payment

For your convenience, most fees can be paid securely online via TouchNet by accessing the MyAUC Portal

Withdrawals and Refunds

Federal Return of Funds Policy
According to federal regulations, a federal refund calculation must be performed if a student receiving financial aid withdraws completely from all classes after the start of the enrollment period.

Length of enrollment is equal to the number of calendar days, including weekends and holidays, in the periods in which the student was registered. Breaks of five days or more are excluded.

The withdrawal date is the date the student begins the official withdrawal process -- electronically, in writing, or by telephone, whichever is earlier -- or otherwise officially notifies the institution of his/her intent to withdraw. For students who withdraw without notification, the school may use either the last date of academic attendance or the midpoint of the enrollment period as the withdrawal date. Failure to notify the Financial Aid Office of a withdrawal may result in additional tuition liability.

Return of funds is calculated as follows:

  • If the student’s percentage of enrollment period completed is greater than 60 percent, the student has earned – and must repay – 100 percent of the federal aid received.
  • If the student’s percentage of enrollment period completed is 60 percent or less, the calculated percentage of enrollment will be used to determine the amount of aid returned.

Federal aid refunds are distributed in the following order:

1.    Unsubsidized Direct Federal Stafford Loan
2.    Subsidized Direct Federal Stafford Loan
3.    Federal PLUS Loan
4.    Federal Pell Grant
5.    Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
6.    Other Title IV aid programs
7.    State grants, and/or private or other institutional aid
8.    To the student

Learn more about refunds of tuition and fees or about return of Title IV funds.

Accounts Receivable

Any student who pays tuition and fees after the first day of classes will be charged a $100 late fee; any student with a delinquent account will be notified by the second week of the term that he or she must be financially clear by the end of the fourth week of the term; and any student who fails to fulfill the finance condition (is not financially clear by the end of the fourth week) will be involuntarily withdrawn from enrollment and his or her transcript will reflect a "W" grade for courses undertaken in that term. Standard cancellation and refund policies will apply to the balance of the account due. Exceptions to the finance condition will only be granted under limited circumstances on petition in writing submitted to the Director of Finances, Alison Stewart. She can be reached at (305)-446-0600 with any questions on this policy.