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The first two academic years of Medical Sciences are taught on our St. Maarten campus in Cupecoy, St. Maarten. Completed in 1998, we feel the campus provides a perfect setting for teaching and learning. From the moment you step foot on our campus, you can experience the powerful academic and technological resources in place to help you make the most of your medical school experience and succeed with our Caribbean medical school curriculum.

AUC has moved boldly into the future of medical education through the implementation of innovative teaching programs, high-tech laboratories, and supplemental electronic curriculum delivery.

Facilities and Technology to Support Medical Students

To optimize teaching and learning, AUC's campus features the following facilities and student support services:

  • Contemporary lecture halls enhanced with audio/visual technology
  • Fully equipped anatomical dissection laboratory featuring medical imaging
  • Applied research laboratory
  • Clinical patient examination rooms
  • Comprehensive medical library with access to electronic resources
  • Up-to-date student computer center
  • Campus-wide wireless internet connectivity
  • Cafeteria
  • Fitness center

Student Organizations and Clubs

AUC offers a wide variety of student-run organizations and clubs, including a a Canadian Medical Students Association, a Student Government Organization, a Spouses Organization for families and partners of students, medical specialty clubs, and more. Go here for a full list.

Life on the Island

St. Maarten is an island in the Caribbean encompassing 37 square miles and located approximately 150 miles from Puerto Rico. The island is shared by the governments of France and the Netherlands Antilles, with the AUC campus located on the Dutch side. Although English is spoken everywhere on St. Maarten and the U.S. dollar is an accepted currency, the island as a whole retains many elements of its French and Dutch culture and heritage. St. Maarten’s central mountain range is complemented by pristine beaches, winding mountain roads, and small villages.

About St. Maarten Local Culture

Living at AUC, you will learn about St. Maarten's exciting blend of Dutch, French, African, and American culture. With residents from more than 90 different nations, art and music from around the world, and cuisine ranging from French to Vietnamese to American fast food, daily life is as diverse and vibrant as you want it to be.


We take great pride in assisting students in finding housing that is safe, comfortable, and conducive to study. AUC students have the opportunity to live on and off-campus.

On-Campus Student Housing

First-semester students have the opportunity to live in on-campus apartments adjacent to campus. The apartment facility features beautifully furnished one- and two-bedroom units. Housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. View a gallery of on-campus housing here.

Housing highlights include:

  • Furnished apartments (dining room table/chairs, sofa, bed, desk/chair)
  • Spacious, fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stove, and microwave
  • Bathroom for each bedroom
  • Wired for telephone, wireless internet, and cable TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Dining and living area
  • Many have balconies with ocean views
  • Recreational amenities, including a fully equipped gym
  • Walking distance to the beach
  • Breezeways and shaded exterior areas

Please note the following:

  • Married students and students with children are advised to seek off-campus housing.
  • Pets are not permitted in AUC student apartments.

Off-Campus Student Housing

AUC's Department of Housing maintains a database of off-campus housing options from which you can search based on criteria such as housing time, amenities, and price levels. Additionally, the Roommate Finder feature provides you with the ability to search for potential roommates among fellow students. 

AUC students live in a variety of towns near the AUC campus. Popular areas for students include:

  • Beacon Hill
  • Cupecoy Beach
  • Pelican Key
  • Point Pirouette
  • Simpson Bay

The monthly cost for off-campus rental will depend on such things as quality, location, pet fees, and whether or not utilities are included. Some additional thoughts to consider when selecting off-campus housing:

  • Choose an apartment that is exposed to the trade winds so that you reduce the need for air conditioning
  • Inquire about utility costs with previous tenants and the landlord before signing a lease

View an aerial shot of off-campus housing close to the campus.

Want to learn more about housing at AUC? Read this Q&A with Melissa Harrison-Grinuva, AUC's housing coordinator.

Recreation and Other Activities

The AUC campus overlooks St. Maarten’s beautiful Simpson Bay Lagoon and is adjacent to the 18-hole championship Mullet Bay Golf Course and Mullet Bay Beach. Students and their families can access beaches, diving, sailing and sports activities, and countless local markets and duty-free shopping.

With 37 beaches on St. Maarten, there is a beach for every square mile on the island. Some of the more popular beaches for medical school students and their families include Sunset Beach, Mullet Bay Beach, and Orient Beach, which are popular destinations for snorkeling, jet skiing, kite surfing, wind surfing, and parasailing. St. Maarten also features movie theaters, golf, and mini-golf.
Shopping is one of the most popular aspects about St. Maarten island, thanks in large part to the island’s completely duty free status. Whether you’re strolling down Front Street in Philipsburg, in a boutique in Marigot, or at a shopping center on the Dutch side of the island, you will enjoy great bargains on anything from cosmetics to jewelry to electronics. St. Maarten offers a vibrant nightlife scene featuring live entertainment venues and nightclubs.

Enjoy Cuisine from Around the World

With more than 400 restaurants on the island, you could eat out every day of the year and never dine at the same place twice. In fact, with cuisine offerings that include French fare, Italian, Tex-Mex, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, as well as local BBQ ribs and chicken, St. Maarten features the widest array of cuisine and prices of any other island in the world.

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