Clinical Rotations in the UK

Adding new dimensions to your AUC clinical education experience

Students at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) have the opportunity to complete core clinical rotations at select teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom. While study in the UK is not mandatory, many students have reported on the benefits of the UK clinical experience in preparing them for residency and practice. The AUC Office of Clinical Student Affairs is prepared to assist students who wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Students and Alumni Comment on the UK Clinical Experience

AUC graduates have many positive things to say about the UK clinical experience. See below for some excerpted quotes from alumni who rotated in the UK, plus links to more detailed stories and interviews.

Benji Ho, AUC Class of 2014, on choosing UK rotations: “My decision to take advantage of these experiences definitely enriched my medical education and training, and even impressed some of the residency programs with whom I interviewed.” >> read full story

Laura Pickett, MD, Class of 2011, on how UK clinicals helped her during residency interviews:  “My interview was in front of 12 physicians, so it was pretty intimidating. They were extremely impressed with the fact that I [completed rotations] in the UK. When I mentioned the dermatologist I worked with [at Ealing], Professor [Anthony] Chu, they actually knew who he was. He is that well-known.”
>> read full story

Aaron Chopee, MD, Class of 2014, on doing cores in both the US and UK: “The UK, which has a similar healthcare system to Canada, stressed hands-on clinical skills teaching for students. I gained a well-rounded perspective by doing clinical training in both the US and the UK.” >> read full story

Why Study Clinical Medicine in the UK?

AUC students have noted the following reasons to consider doing some or all clinical rotations in the UK: 

  • For students who are not from the UK, the UK clinical experience offers an inside look at a different healthcare system.
  • Teaching hospitals in the UK are noted for providing students with ample “hands-on” clinical experience, with an emphasis on physical diagnoses.
  • Students can generally expect a good amount of one-on-one bedside teaching, resulting in a personal, individualized clinical learning experience.
  • AUC students rotating in the UK are able to complete all core rotations within one geographic area.
  • Students have enjoyed exploring the history and culture of the UK and other countries in Europe.

AUC-Affiliated Teaching Hospitals in the UK

Questions About UK Rotations?

For more on clinical rotations in the UK, please reach out to Stephen Ash, MD, UK Clinical Dean.