Millennium Program

A new age in learning

The AUC Millennium Program provides guidance and expectations for students during their core clerkship rotations, affording a more meaningful clinical experience. It provides students the opportunity to further develop knowledge and skills learned at clinical sites. It is an educational learning environment that connects students with tools and resources to enhance the medical education offered during the clinical portion of the AUC curriculum. The resources available through eCollege® enhance preparedness for the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE) Step 2 licensure exams and residency. Students will also access E*Value™ to develop a clinical experience record which can be shared with prospective clinical instructors.

The Millennium Program helps AUC and the clinical sites in our strong network of affiliated teaching hospitals provide a standardized educational experience for students at geographically dispersed locations. The program has also been developed to meet accreditation standards.

Program Components


Learning Resources includes clerkship overview (syllabus), clinical curriculum guidelines, clerkship assignments and complementary cases. Helpful tools, such as instructions to log on to commonly used resources and access to recommended materials, will be available. eCollege is currently not supported on mobile devices.
To access the eCollege platform, visit

E*Value™ (PxDx Case Logger and Evaluations)

PxDx Case Logger focuses on essential patient encounters and procedures. It provides clinical students with the ability to quickly and easily document real and/or simulated patient encounters, procedures and diagnoses. Students will also be able to track progress and maintain a history of daily clinical activities toward fulfilling clerkship requirements. The PxDx Case Logger and Evaluations are available through a virtual environment, maximizing time and resources while enhancing quality, uniformity and consistency.
To access the E*Value platform, visit

All clinical students (in both core and elective clerkships) are required to use the E*Value component of the Millennium Program to:

  • Log every patient encounter daily (replacing the paper “case logs”)

  • Complete mid-clerkship self-assessments during every clerkship (NEW!)

  • Complete clinical clerkship evaluation forms at the end of every clerkship (formerly known as “hospital surveys”)

    • Students on an elective rotation, should use the “Ad Hoc” evaluation option


Student Resources

  • New User Interface FAQ [PDF] (August 2016)
  • E*Value Student User Guide [PDF(August 2016)
  • E*Value FAQ [PDF]
  • eCollege Student User Guide [PDF]
  • eCollege FAQ [PDF]