Our Culture and Community

Educating medical students to become empathetic, socially engaged physicians

We Want Medical School Students Who Want to Be Servant Leaders

In the real world of healthcare, medical knowledge isn’t enough. Great physicians treat patients, not diseases, and so many have a strong sense of professionalism, interpersonal skills, and empathy. At AUC we take great pride in creating and nurturing an environment that drives student engagement and social accountability. Service learning and community service are central to our medical school culture.

AUC creates service learning opportunities that provide our students the opportunity to benefit the citizens of Sint Maarten and see how a person’s life and community affects health and well-being. These initiatives provide our students the chance to grow personally and professionally in ways that we hope will make them more engaged as future physicians and leaders.

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A Unique Community

Imagine an international medical school where the campus dean’s assistant knows you by name. Imagine a medical school campus where collaboration to figure out and master a biological process is as likely to occur in the cafeteria as it is in the classroom. Imagine medical school students who welcome the opportunity to share information, trade study tips, and arrive at the answers together. That’s AUC.

A Diverse Medical Education

At AUC you have the opportunity to chart a unique path to the kind of healthcare career you have dreamed of. Our graduates have gone into virtually every medical specialty, and we encourage that and do all we can to help each student achieve his or her healthcare career aspirations.

In 2016, more than half of our graduates secured residency appointments in programs in primary care: internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. This is a point of pride for AUC – it’s gratifying to our faculty and leadership to see graduates answer the nation’s call for more primary care physicians.